Not Just an "Interior" Designer

What was once a traditional home in the West University neighborhood of Houston, is now a modern residence for my amazing clients. I can never thank clients enough for trusting my vision and opinion when designing their home. I often refer to myself as a structural stylist, because I am much more than an interior designer. I love to collaborate with contractors, architects, and landscapers to create structures that are as stunning as the artwork, furniture, and accessories inside.

West University is primarily made up of traditionally designed homes. It was important to the client and I that we take this into consideration while creating an updated, modern look.

The home’s façade features several contemporary accents that, combined, create an eye-catching grand entrance. I love to add an organic element to the exterior and the mahogany wood slats fulfill this component. They add a warmth that some contemporary homes are lacking. The experts at Four Seasons Outdoor Living completed my vision with their beautiful landscaping. Several patches of monkey grass line the large, rectangular concrete blocks that lead right up to the 8-foot high door.  LBJ Construction brought my vision of a large, stunning doorway to life. The home originally had a standard 6’ 8” door.  We removed the outdated window shutters for a more polished appearance. New windows and a brand new roof not only add to the curb appeal, but make for a much more energy efficient home in the heat of the Houston summer. I truly enjoyed working with these amazing professionals. This was an extremely fun project with a phenomenal outcome.

As I often mention, it truly does take a village to bring it all together! I really enjoy working with other “structural stylists” to conceptualize dream homes for clients.