Harvey's Silver Lining: Tips to Help You Rebuild

Part 1: Flooring

They say that some clouds have silver linings. It's difficult to keep that in mind while you’re trying to rebuild; throwing away personal treasures and grieving over everything the flood has taken from our city.   But as I was out helping to clean houses this past week, it occurred to me that soon many families in Houston would be nearing their next step in recovery: rebuilding. I want to continue to help by offering my expertise and advice for free as you replace flooring, cabinets, and get your life back to normal… after all, it’s what I love to do!

I realize that for some people, having to make design decisions can add to the stressful recovery process, so I’ve decided to provide some tips and advice that may be useful to those of you working to rebuild your home. Over the next few weeks, I will share a series of blog posts that will guide you through the rebuilding process.

If you have a specific question about your space, you are more than welcome to send your photos and questions via email, Facebook, or Instagram. I hope you will find this free advice helpful, so just ask away!    

For Part 1 of the series, we'll start from the bottom and work our way up. The first place you saw some water, the first thing that is clearly going to have to be replaced are your floors.

Let’s go over your options:


Take this opportunity to go for modern. Use wide, warm-colored planks. Dark browns, greys or espresso are my absolute favorite and what I’d recommend for your build.

You may want to consider using tile that looks like wood. When this product first came out I did not like it, but faux wood tiles have come a long way. If it is set with a very tight grout line it looks like a wood floor, and you won’t have to worry about scratches or refinishing those wooden planks.


Rectangular tiles are where it’s at! Square tiles and large grout lines will leave you with a dated look. Choose a rectangular, porcelain tile. Porcelain tiles are usually rectified, which means they can be set closely with minimal grout line. You’ll fall in love with the modern look!

The size that you choose is dependant on the size of the room, as larger tiles will work better in larger spaces. I recently used 16”x32” size in a large master bath, whereas in my home office, I have 8”x36” in my home office. If you can’t decide, send me some pictures of the space and I’ll give you my recommendation.

Thorntree Slate, an amazing tile supplier, is offering 20% off all products to flood victims and donating 5% of those sales to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund.  What’s more, if you are doing just a small area you might get tile for FREE!  They have set aside some small lots of tile that they need to clear out to make space for the large deliveries they are receiving to keep up with the high demand now needed in Houston. I highly recommend them for your flooring needs. Contact Kimberly Hanks at 713-690-8200. I work with her on many projects and I know she will take excellent care of you. 


If you’re on a tight budget or love a modern industrial chic look,  you might want to consider using your slab as your floor.  It can be painted, epoxied or polished.  There are lots of different looks that can be achieved and you’d never even know it’s concrete!

I hope your Harvey remodel becomes a silver lining that creates a home where many fond memories are made.  Wishing you all my best and hope you know that I am here to help - send me your questions! Share your progress with me and keep an eye out for my next installment of the series.



Best wishes,