Take that Hurricane Harvey

It was two years ago that Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on August 27, 2017. My clients and many other Houstonians were flooded when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers made the decision to release the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs, releasing raging waters to nearby homes and businesses. Though they’d survived the hurricane, the levee release left their home underwater. Being far from the Texas coast, the clients never anticipated being in a flood zone, but they never considered flooding from the reservoirs.

Many residents of neighborhood fled on foot or were rescued by boat. Our clients were already under water and left by boat with their two Chihuahuas, Zoe and Sam. It was a devastating time considering the client had just retired one week before the storm just to have their home of 13 years destroyed.  Shortly after the water had receded from the neighborhood, the residents returned and began removing damaged drywall and cabinetry, pulling up buckled hard wood floors, and salvaging any of their personal belongings that they could before treating the structure for mold.

The MSD team came in while the home was in treatment to begin drafting the remodel. The home had honey colored oak throughout the first floor, including in the kitchen cabinetry and the family room’s wall paneling. We were so optimistic about the home’s potential and more importantly, to give our clients their home that once was.

First, we began selecting construction finishes inclusive of flooring, fixtures, lighting and textiles. Once selected, we moved on to adding pops of color to the space through drapes, furniture, accessories and art. Designing with a lighter, modern rebuild in mind, we were able to drastically transform the hurricane ravaged house into a space for Zoe, Sam and my clients to once again call home.  

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