Words to live by: Less is more. Keep the memories, but move past the clutter. 

Do you want to live in a space that has the ability to lift your spirits? A place that is a beautiful expression of who you are? This is exactly what I do. I've done it successfully for over 25 years for many happy clients who have trusted me with their desires and their most personal possessions - their homes. I believe luxury is living in a space that lifts your spirits. And I can make yours soar. 

Imagine comfortable, luxurious, and contemporary surroundings. Warm and inviting with organic elements. Think peaceful. Go beyond aesthetics. This becomes a living space that just speaks to you. You're connected. It's a place you really love. 

And it will be an enjoyable, transformational journey. I listen. I'll recommend. And your eyes will open to the possibilities. We'll have great fun, laugh a lot along the way and most importantly, you'll discover I genuinely care about your project and your ultimate happiness with it. 

I consider it an honor to be able to help others through my work. Donating my time, talent and treasure to The Women's Home and serving as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) are just some of the ways I strive to make a difference for others. 

- Missy

Hi my name is Tank...

A.K.A. Head of Security at Missy Stewart Designs. Days here can get pretty hectic. My boss (or "Mom" as I call her when I'm off the clock) is often busy with client meetings and floor plan drafts, leaving it up to me to ensure all else is taken care of. I guess you could say I am quite the designer myself, since my fur coat influenced the couch selection here at the office. Anyway, better get back to my plush stoop!

Houston, TX 77019