“LOVE the results...”

Missy always made herself accessible and continually provided experienced and exceptionally talented advice (or an ear, when required). Her advice was delivered in a timely, candid, kind and professional manner. We would hire Missy again without any hesitation. We thoroughly enjoyed the process and LOVE the results of our collaboration!

— Michelle

“... highly recommend her for any job.”

I have worked with Missy Stewart on many occasions. She is the consummate professional with an eye for detail and a knack for knowing what each individual client is looking for. Missy has a strong work ethic and a tireless energy. She is talented at design for both inside and outside, choosing materials for construction and remodeling down to the smallest detail. I would highly recommend her for any job. 

— Lynda

“... working with her was a joy.”

She is very insightful and knowledgable and always has another perspective to share to make your vision better. Missy is very professional and working with her was a joy. I highly recommend her. 

— Josh

“Missy has a great personality and makes remodeling fun.”

We had been planning a complete kitchen remodel for years but didn't know where to get started. We had talked to a couple of designers; however, they had their vision and didn't seem to take our thoughts into account. We then became aware of Missy Stewart. 

She immediately responded to our inquiry and came to our home to understand our needs and desires. She truly listened! Remodeling can be overwhelming with selection of contractors, design, countertops, knobs, etc.; however, Missy made it easy. Based on her understanding of our style, etc. she would narrow down the selection to three or four alternatives that we might not have thought of. Missy brings a unique skill set to her projects. She has a construction background and a great sense of style. Missy can effectively communicate her design ideas with contractors and holds them accountable. She can be as engaged in the project as you wish. Missy can be the project manager, a design consultant, or anything in between. 

We were so impressed with her that our project expanded from a kitchen project to a complete downstairs remodel. Her recommendations also take into account the function and purpose. She helped transform a room that was rarely used to one that we now spend hours in. Missy has a great personality and makes remodeling fun. Now that the project is completed, we miss her. We would definitely use her again. 

— John

"We hired Missy because we trust her judgement and I also believe she helped us get the most for our dollar."

— Mike


“We enjoyed working with her.”

I have worked with Missy over a two year period where she played a key role in helping us stage and sell a home. In our new home, she helped us create a warm and inviting look with style. She was very good at helping us pick our paint and color combinations. Missy was also instrumental in helping us pick furniture that gave our home good flow and design. I wish Missy didn't move, as we enjoyed working with her. 

— Tiffany

“The end result truly exceeded our expectations...”

The end result truly exceeded our expectations and we have had many compliments on it. We now truly consider Missy a friend and will use her services should we need them again and will certainly recommend her to others.

— Mike


“She genuinely cares about her clients...”

Missy has been transforming homes for years through her creative decorating. She genuinely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to provide them with flawless designs. I have used her talents and advice many times through the years in my real estate business as well as my own home. 

— Diana

“Talented, creative, detail-oriented... ”

I highly recommend Missy to anyone in the Houston area who is looking for a great designer. She has everything you would want from a designer: talented, creative, detail-oriented, professional, prompt, flexible -- should I go on? Thank you. 

— Leesa


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